Field Policies

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FP 1.0 Cruiser / Department Numbering System

FP 1.1 Patrol Assignments / Scheduling

FP 2.0 Processing Ordinance / Traffic Citations

FP 3.0 Gang Identification and Classification Procedure

FP 5.0 Processing Loud Party Complaints

FP 6.0 Domestic Violence Policy

FP 6.1 Victim / Witness Services 

FP 7.0 Routine / Emergency Vehicle Operation

FP 7.1 Pursuit Policy

FP 7.2 Pursuit Follow-Up Procedure

FP 8.0 Officer Use of Intermediate Weapons

FP 9.0 Sex Offenders Registration Act Policy

FP 9.1 Sex Offender / Child Murder Community Notification 


FP 10.0 Use of Force Policy

FP 10.1 Firearms Policy On / Off Duty

FP 10.2 Firearms Training and Qualification

FP 10.3 Firearm Inspection Procedure

FP 10.4 Conducted Electrical Weapon - Taser Policy

FP 10.5 Rifle / Shotgun Deployment Policy

FP 10.6 Use of Deadly Force / In-Custody Death Policy

FP 10.7 Less Lethal Kinetic Impact Projectiles

FP 10.8 Chemical Agent Deployment for Major Incidents

FP 11.0 Civil Disturbances

FP 12.0 Directed Patrol and R.I.S.V.P.

FP 12.1 Community Relations and Crime Prevention 

FP 13.0 Uniforms, Clothing and Equipment

FP 13.4 Line Inspections

FP 14.0 VIP Policy

FP 15.0 Missing or Endangered Persons 

FP 16.0 Duty to Render Aid / Emergency Assistance 

FP 17.0 Transporting Arrested Subjects / Centralized Booking

FP 17.1 Use of Restraints and Subjects in Custody

FP 17.2 Strip and Body Cavity Searches

FP 17.3 Transport of Non-Custody Subjects

FP 17.4 Interview Rooms 

FP 18.0 Illinois State Crash Reporting

FP 18.1 Police Department Vehicle Crash / Damage Investigation

FP 19.0 Safety Belt Use Policy


FP 20.0 Traffic / City Ordinance Citations

FP 20.1 City Ordinance Summons / Orders

FP 21.0 Burglary and Theft Classification

FP 22.0 Housing Authority Barred Letters

FP 23.0 Silent Alarms Bank and Lending Institutions

 FP 24.0 Field Interviews / Protective Frisk

FP 24.1 Limits of Authority

FP 25.0 Professional Traffic Stops / Racial Profiling Policy

FP 25.1 Traffic Enforcement

FP 26.0 Active Shooter Response 

FP 27.0 Hostage / Barricaded Incidents 

FP 28.0 RIde Along Program

FP 29.0 Biological Threat Policy


FP 30.0 Canine Policy

FP 31.0  In Car Video Recording System

FP 31.1 Body Worn Cameras

FP 32.0 Radio Communication Interoperability

FP 33.0 Cellular Phone / Wireless Communication Device Policy

FP 34.0 Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act

FP 34.1   Safe Passage Initiative

FP 35.0 Digital Evidence Policy

FP 36.0 Order of Protection Short Form Notification

FP 37.0 Video Surveillance System Policy

FP 37.1   Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) System

FP 38.0 Critical Incident Stress Management

FP 39.0 Air Purifying Respirator Program

FP 39.1 AED Policy 


FP 40.0 Emergency Response Team 

FP 41.0 Criminal Investigations

FP 41.1 Juvenile Operations 

FP 41.2   Photographic Lineups and Showups

FP 41.3  ISP NGI/ABIS Database Access

FP 42.0 Sexual Assault and Abuse Investigations