The Human Resources Department coordinates the activities of purchasing regarding the centralized copy machines, office supplies, outgoing mail and faxing services. For more information or questions, contact the benefits coordinator.

    • Purchasing Policy

    • Purchasing Documents

    • Internal Operations Policy on Council Pay and Expenses (Resolution No. 15-2019)

    • Current printer and fax supply contract and contact list.

    • Core List for Office Supplies and link to Midwest Office Supply Website.

    • CMS (State Contracts) - www.purchase.state.il.us

        • The section of the Master Contracts area entitled “Joint Purchasing” is the area devoted to contracts. Click the above link and go to “Master Contracts.”

        • CMS will not longer be sending paper copies of contracts.

        • Joint Purchasing Administrator for CMS phone number 217-785-6935.

    • City of Rock Island Contracts

        • Temporary Services Contract

For more information e-mail Angela Rasmussen.