Goals and Objectives

Goals & Objectives

  1. Provide leadership, framework, vision, and professional customer service for current and emerging technologies in a timely and cost effective manner.

    • Pursue best of breed technologies through education and awareness

    • Adapt to changing trends such as Cloud Computing, Bring Your Own Device, and other technology industry improvements

    • Measure satisfaction using survey tools

    • Standardize software and hardware purchases whenever and wherever possible

    • Engage the vendor community to bring Rock Island the very best technology solutions

  2. Provide a secure and reliable communications and computer infrastructure on which to conduct City business driven towards innovation and ecological excellence.

    • Continue to expand use of the fiber infrastructure

    • Equipment refreshes funded and maintained

    • Extend and expand wireless communications when appropriate

    • Continually improve and test network security

    • Embrace “Green” solutions

    • Develop a DR/BC Plan to address system weaknesses

  3. Build and maintain partnerships with all City departments, appropriate regional non-profits, and the community to improve municipal operations, enhance the community image, and promote Rock Island as a progressive community.

    • Move forward with improvements to the PA channel and Internet based tools such as Youtube and the website

    • Follow through with technology recommendations of the safer community task force

    • Expand website content and online functionality

    • Establish framework for proper definition of roles and responsibilities

  4. Develop and maintain a skilled staff confident in current and emerging technologies.

    • Internal classes & training provided to users

    • Certifications & Continuing education for IT people

    • Maintain standards and practices requiring and enabling a high-performance workforce and workplace.

  5. Ensure effective technical and fiscal management of the department’s operations, resources, projects, and contracts.

    • Effectively manage outside contracts to enjoy the highest benefit to Rock Island

    • Maintain a balanced budget

    • Communicate change to end users and management

    • Leverage cooperative agreements when possible and appropriate

  6. Utilize the hardware and software tools Rock Island has invested in to the best of our ability.

    • Continually evaluate software to determine value to the organization

    • Establish working teams to identify, select, implement, and fully exploit enterprise applications

    • Follow a best practice approach when deploying and reviewing solutions

    • Networking with user groups, professional organizations, and business to obtain the highest level of benefit from technology investments.

    • Implement diverse technologies while leveraging the enterprise as the foundation

  7. Adopt a citizen centric approach regarding technology tools and services.

    • Adapt to meet the needs of the ever growing “Mobile” user base.

    • Embrace “cloud” solutions as a means to interact with users securely and efficiently.

    • Identify technology changes in both the industry and the user expectations while finding the path to delivering those changes.