Administrative Policies

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AP 1.0     Table of Organization - City of Rock Island

AP 1.1 Table of Organization - Police Department

AP 1.2 Chain of Command

AP 1.3 Planning and Research

AP 1.4 Crime Analysis

AP 2.0 Employee Hiring / Separation Policy

AP 2.1 Promotional Process

AP 2.2 Retirement, Insurance, Death and Disability Benefits 

AP 3.0 Internal Investigations / Disciplinary Procedure

AP 3.1 Performance Action Notice

AP 3.2 Grievance Procedures 

AP 5.0 Department Awards Procedure

AP 6.0 Rotator System and Roll Call Procedure

AP 7.0 Animal Control Policy

AP 8.0 Requesting Time Off

AP 9.0 Written Directives

AP 10.0 Media Policy

AP 11.0 Special Events / Operation Orders

AP 12.0 Warrants - Processing Arrest and Verifications

AP 13.0 Missing Person / Stolen Vehicle Verification Form

AP 13.1 Amber Alert Notification Plan

AP 14.0 Departmental Trial Notice

AP 14.1 Court Appearance and Demeanor

AP 14.2 Notice to Appear - Pretrial Release / Detention

AP 14.3 Notice to Appear - Probably Cause Pickup and Court Complaints

AP 15.0 Confidential Informant / Source Policy

AP 16.0 Overtime / Compensatory Time Form

AP 21.0 Major Incident Notification

AP 21.1 Notification of Narcotics / Vice Division Supervisor

AP 23.0 Police Facility Security

AP 23.1 Security of Courtyard

AP 23.2 Substation Security / Use of Substations

AP 23.4 Police Headquarters Entrance Security System

AP 23.5 Water Tower Access

AP 25.0 Personal Appearance

AP 29.0 Property and Evidence

AP 29.2 Asset Seizure and Forfeiture

AP 29.3 Biological Evidence Preparation and Packaging

AP 29.4 Bloodborne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases 

AP 29.5  CID / TOD Temporary Evidence Storage Rooms

AP 29.6  Lab Processing of Evidence for Outside Agencies

AP 30.0 Field Training Officers Program

AP 31.0 Duties of Reception Desk Personnel

AP 31.1 Receptions Desk's Acceptance of Payment for Fees / Fines

AP 31.2   Duties of Community Service Officer (CSO)

AP 32.0 Tardiness, Sick Leave, Light Duty Policy

AP 34.0 Department Letterhead Correspondence

AP 35.0 Communications

AP 35.1 IDPH License Verification

AP 41.0 Records Policy 

AP 41.1  Required Reporting of Department Data

AP 42.0 Training Request

AP 42.1 City's Travel Policy and Travel Advances

AP 42.2 Training Records

AP 42.3 Employee Training and Development Process

AP 43.0 Department Purchasing

AP 43.1 Inventory Procedure

AP 43.2 Accounting 

AP 43.3 Budgeting / Fiscal Management 

AP 44.0 Vehicle Towing and Release Procedure

AP 44.3 Car Owners Responsibility Assignment Policy

AP 44.4   Car Owners Responsibility Assignment Policy - Fled Vehicles

AP 45.0 Outside Employment

AP 46.0 Mutual Aid Agreement

AP 46.1 Liaison with Other Agencies and Organizations

AP 47.0 Alarm Ordinance Procedures

AP 48.0 New Employee Orientation and Training

AP 49.0 Chaplain Procedures

 AP 50.0 Digital Records Storage of Police Reports

AP 50.1 Report Headings For Narratives

AP 50.2 Records Management System Case Lock Option

AP 51.0 Recording of Homicide Interrogations

AP 52.0 National Incident Command System

AP 53.0 Use of Mobile Data Terminals (Two Files:  pages 1-35 and page 36-79)

AP 54.0 Use of I-Pass Transponder

AP 55.0 Rock Island Police Explorer Post

AP 56.0 Social Media Policy