Procedure for Contacting IT

Information Technology Business Hours:

8:00 am  – 5:00 pm 

Monday  - Friday  (excluding City Holidays) 

Contact IT in the following manner:

  • Phone: 309-732-2140
  • Email support:

Non IT Support Contacts:
 Software / Department Contact Phone Number

RMS / PoliceJason Foy 309-732-2701
Image Trend / FireJon Briggs 309-732-2800
Active Net / Parks and Recreation Kimberly Kruse  309-732-7267

After hours emergency support: 

**Contact your supervisor to place an after hours emergency support call.   

24 / 7 for Low and Normal Calls:     

  • Phone: 309-732- 2140 – leave a detailed message
  • Email support:

An ITSD staff member will contact you during the next scheduled normal business hours.

24 / 7 for High and Critical Calls:   

  • Phone: 309-732- 2140 
  • Press 0  to be transferred to the ON-CALL support person’s Cellular Phone
  • Leave a detailed message and a callback number 
  • A callback number is required, as the support person does not have the original phone number identified; the number shown is ITSD Help Desk Number 2140.
  • Allow up to 20 Minutes for a call from the ON-CALL Support Person.

If no response in 20 minutes:

  • Call 2140. Press 1 to be transferred to the Tier 2 ON-CALL Support Person
  • Leave a detailed message and a callback number for the Tier 2 On-Call Support Person.  
  • You will receive a call by a Tier 2 ON-Call Support Person within 20 minutes.